Why choose this MRCP 1 course?

Are you getting ready for your MRCP 1 exam? Maybe you already use our brilliant Q Banks and want a bit of an extra helping hand to get you over the line.

We now offer the MRCP 1 on-demand course, presented by Dr Chirag Madaan offering you a wealth of extra content and support with your MRCP 1 exam.

Course Content:

  • The course includes 20 High Yield pre-recorded teaching videos containing the important concepts, frequently asked topics & must know facts from each unit.
  • 10 in-depth Q&A sessions to cover all topics and answer those sticky questions.

Why is this course so special?

  • On-demand pre-recorded videos can be worked through at your own pace and at your own time.
  • 10 hours of additional Q&A content to get you through your exams and help you to fully prepare.
  • Expertly delivered by Dr Chirag Madaan with a easy-to-navigate course structure.
  • Expands on the information in Pastest's MRCP 1 Q Banks.

Dr. Chirag Madaan MRCP Part 1 Course Expert

Meet Your Course Tutor for MRCP Part 1

Dr. Chirag Madaan is a critical care specialist in India. He was the youngest consultant to be made head of ICU at a renowned hospital (Apollo hospital, Delhi) due to his clinical skills and knowledge.

In addition to being an outstanding clinician, he is an excellent mentor, teacher, and motivator, known for his exceptional teaching style.

He has been teaching for the past 8 years and has been uploading medical videos on YouTube for the past 5 years, which have gained much love, appreciation, and popularity among doctors around the world.

He cleared his MRCP theory exam in 2019 and has been guiding and training doctors (post-MBBS graduates, post-MD graduates, and doctors from different fields and parts of the world) to crack this prestigious exam with ease.

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Course Pricing Plan

Course Content

Course Details

  • Price: one time purchase at £199.99
  • Course Access: 4 months access (Access starts on day of purchase).
  • Availability: 24hrs a day globally.

Q & A - 10 X 1 Hour Sessions

  • The course exclusively includes 10 Recorded Q & A sessions (1 hour each).
  • Each Q&A session focuses on previously asked questions which are very important for the MRCP part-1 exam!
  • Enrol now to guarantee your attendance.

Teaching Videos

The course includes 20 High Yield pre-recorded videos containing the important concepts, frequently asked topics & must know facts from each unit. 

Teaching videos - unlimited access for 4 months.

High Yield Video - Topics

  • Video 1: Rheumatology part1 (30 mins)
  • Video 2: Rheumatology part2 (30 mins)
  • Video 3: Hematology part1 (30 mins)
  • Video 4: Hematology part2 (30 mins)
  • Video 5: Nephrology part1 (30 mins)
  • Video 6: Nephrology part2 (30 mins)
  • Video 7: Gastroenterology part1 (30 mins)
  • Video 8: Gastroenterology part2 (30 mins)
  • Video 9: Pulmonology part1 (30 mins)
  • Video 10: Pulmonology part2 (30 mins)
  • Video 11: Infectious diseases part1 (30 mins)
  • Video 12: Infection diseases part2 (30 mins)
  • Video 13: Cardiology part1 (30 mins)
  • Video 14: Cardiology part2 (30 mins)
  • Video 15: Neurology part1 (30 mins)
  • Video 16: Neurology part2 (30 mins)
  • Video 17: Endocrinology part1 (30 mins)
  • Video 18: Endocrinology part2 (30 mins)
  • Video 19: Psychiatry & Dermatology (1 hour)
  • Video 20: Ophthalmology & Biostatistics (1 hour) 


Featured References

To guarantee you success, Dr Chirag Madaan uses the most accurate teaching and curriculum material available, including the below:

A. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine 

B. Davidson’s Principle & Practice of Medicine

C. Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine

D. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 

E. NICE guidelines (updated)

Student Success

"I used Pastest for the MRCP 1 exam. I am glad to inform you that I have passed MRCP 1 at my first attempt. This would not have been possible but for the guidance by Pastest. Thanks for helping me to sail through this exam"

- Manju George

MRCP Part 1 Exam Success